How to configure the email settings in Katalon

To configure the email settings in Katalon, we can do as the below steps:

Setup Mail Server Settings

Go to Project, click on Settings
At the “Project Settings” windows, click on Email to open the email settings – here’s the place that we can setup the outgoing mail in Katalon tool.

Host: The actual SMTP server’s specification, you can find it from the web page of your email provider, or searching it for details¬†here

Port: SMTP port. Please check the email SMTP port here, for example with the Yahoo mail, the port should be 465

Username: The full email address

Password: The email password

Protocol: SSL

Click on OK button to finish and back to the main windows.

Setup the Mail recipients for Test suite

  • Double-click on the Test Suite
  • Click on Execution Information to expanding the options
  • Click on Add button and enter your email address (the report will send to this email)

Fixing Yahoo blocks the account access from Katalon

After we have completed to update the Email server settings and Mail recipients for the test suite, We need to allow account access from Katalon by turn on the Yahoo settings: Allow apps that use less secure sign in

  • Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  • Go to your “Account security” settings.
  • Turn on Allow apps that use less secure sign in.

Read more about turn on this option here. Please googling and find out the way to do the same with other mail providers.

It’s done! run your test suite and check the results.