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Katalon Studio is power tool for designing and execution test, it provide a very simple and way to create tests by record feature. This tool organize folders clearly by its function, for example: Test Cases folder, Test Suites folder, Object Repository folder, Data File and so on. Users can easily view project documentation and debugging.

In this post, we find out and do something cool with very simple mobile project: Sample Mobile App

Sample apk

Pure Apk is a website that stores large numbers of apk files, you can use any .apk file here for free. I will use Uber application, I think it will be fun.

Run Sample app

You can run test case on emulator or your real device, I highly recommend you use the BlueStack – a free app emulator tool and support many features. Download BlueStack at Once you have successfully installed, Katalon Studio will automatically find available emulators.

Blue Stack overview

Record & Replay the project

  1. Select File >> New Project, name it: “UberMobile”
  2. Open Test Cases >> New >> Test Case, name it: “TC01_OpenApp”
  3. Click on this test case then click on Record Mobile. In this step, make sure that the Appium server and BlueStack (or real devices) are already running.
  4. Click Start to record scripts, it takes several minutes to scan all objects. After Katalon load the hierarchical structure object, you click on the object and select available actions, the script will be generated automatically immediately, so you have completed the record and created the first script.
Start to Record Mobile app
Hierarchical Structure Object
Generated script

5. Playback: Click on above test case, select Run >> Android >> Select device to run.

6. Here is the test result

The Test Result

You can see more details in this video

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  1. Im glad to see your English is improved day by day. And this title is still new and interesting to me, thank you for sharing 🙂

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